Wardrobe Wednesday

The forecast here is for snow…though it may take most of the week to eventuate.  So the wee one and I have been watching repeat episodes of Snow is My Favourite and My Best and I have layered up with even more wool this past week.  Claire at Green Valley Crafts says this will be her last WW…I may or may not continue to play, though with all the woolly staying in, there is not too much to see right now!

In any case, here I am – in tweedy wool trousers from Topshop that have weathered many a blizzard, a merino top from Max in NZ and the sweater from H & M that rescued me from unexpectedly grim summer temperatures when on holiday in Scotland several years ago.  The slippers hide two pairs of thermal socks which I think is rather remarkable – they are from a trip to Granada about five years ago and still doing very well.  The sparkly brooch needs a little crafty care I found today, but it just manages to brighten up an otherwise homely SAHM kinda outfit.

Check out the other WW mamas here at Green Valley Crafts.  Happy Wednesday.

Wardrobe Wednesday

It seems that this week’s WW theme was a challenge to post an old done-up kinda pic.  So I trawled…and realised that (a) I don’t get dressed up too often, (b) when I have done, no-one has recorded it on camera because it is usually me behind the lense and if I am glammed up then I am out to have a good time – not to record it.  The last time I was properly dressed up was probably in the hand embroidered cocktail dress I had made in Vietnam that I wore at our UK post-wedding party for those who didn’t make it to NZ.  No-one took a single pic of me, and I was buzzing about a bit too much…  There is no remaining photographic record of my sad appearance at my sixth form ball, and I have erased this ghastly memory anyway…  This is therefore the best I can do (and you can see why all remaining pictures of my adolesence have been buried…), it is NOT dressed-up at all, I seem to remember this was pretty much an every day number…though not EVERY day, thank goodness:

I think this was my 18th birthday. I am not sure WHAT face I am doing…and the hair (80’s style) is stupidly huge…but the worst excuse is the Laura Ashley dress.  Why, why, why?  Hmmmmm, will never know.  I have cropped out my poor old Dad as I can’t really ask him now if he’d mind being shown in such bad light.  Anyway, such silliness…hope you have all had a good laugh…Check out the other WW Mamas here.   Happy Wednesday.

Wardrobe Wednesday

So I thought I’d make a little more of an effort today, but then I got in such a grump with the light, the cold, and well, oh, just everything today that I nearly gave WW a bit of a miss.  It sorta stopped being fun when it got cold, and I started putting on a winter layer from not getting out much and eating all the time…

Another symphony in brown…I am really an autumnal kinda girl and I do like this time of year…but it does not make for prettiness too often.  The top is the same as last week, a current fav from Zara.  The cardy, another Zara number.  The red flower I got years ago to wear to a wedding in Spain and the tights were from Italy – similar vintage. The necklace was the one I wore on my wedding day and is really paying its way as I do rather love wearing it. The skirt has also made a previous WW appearance and is from Noa Noa.  And finally out of the hiking boots and into some gold ballet flats from Rocket Dog.   I confess I didn’t last long like this, it does have a ‘real feel’ of 1degC out there right now…but I tried!  Check out the other WW mamas on Green Valley Crafts.  Have a happy Wednesday, hope you are a little less scratchy than I!

Wardrobe Wednesday

Last week I logged onto Green Valley Crafts – home of Wardrobe Wednesday – to discover that Clare has introduced weekly themes…and I was way out, but being an English teacher in a former life, I have to admit a penchant for thematic presentations.

This week’s theme was Including something made by Me! And here I am just before we headed out to the car this morning:

The top is from Zara, the cardy an old silk number with lots of girly sequins, from an outlet near York, and the trousers are Topshop…and of course the ubiquitous hiking boots, sorry!

I have to admit that when I began fossicking in the suitcase that is still serving as my chest of drawers until we can find suitable pieces of furniture, I realised that the last time I sewed/made anything for myself it was a stretchy belly skirt when I was pregnant, and it suffered the same body-dysmorphic fate as my other recent sewing efforts.  Seems I always make things too big… So there are no garments made by me in the wardrobe right now, all the sewing and knitting was for the wee guy (much easier).

But I did find this little brooch I made and pinned it on my cardy.

And as soon as I got home from our Dundee shopping outing, I pulled off the hiking boots and here are my feet cosily encased in the cheapy but furry slipper/boots I got when out.  Feeling like a teenager, but OH, so snug!

Check out the other Mamas here at Green Valley Crafts…they are likely to be much more stylishly clad, and more summery too!  Happy Wednesday.

Wardrobe Wednesday

After being woken by a probably very cold little guy at 5am this morning, I got up and initially put on loads of merino and trackies and thought I would hunker down for the day.  Then I equivocated and got changed before we took Akira to work…I thought maybe I’d venture forth to Dundee for a little shopping.  So we headed out to the car and I hoped to give you a glimpse of our coastal/rural outlook but it is FREEZING and so this is the best we could do in the light and the sub-zero temperatures!

The top is from Zara, the merino top underneath is an old staple from Max in NZ, the trousers I picked up at a clothing swap last year and the boots are some Clarks old favourites that I found when unpacking.  The real eye catcher is the brooch that Akira bought in Queenstown when we were on our post-wedding holiday, but it was too cold to get a better look at it!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Okay, I am a day late…but I wanted to take this brief wi-fi opportunity to say…WE MADE IT…and yesterday was a lovely if not sorta crazy day. After a load of travelling and some strange sleeping, we are in Fife and our first day was spent collecting the keys to our house, getting me mobile (lookout world, now I am 24/7 online with the help of a wizzy new HTC android phone – eek) and moving our surplus luggage to the new house.  But a priority was to seek out the sea whenever possible.  Of course the ancient beauty of St Andrews itself is quite beguiling, but I was longing for the coast and Kazuo had never seen the sea, so it was quite the event. As predicted, I spent my first Scottish Wardrobe  Wednesday in jeans and hiking boots, but I guess that is gonna be my new wardrobe for now…until employment ensues.

The light was fading, but the top is merino from Max, the scarf a parting gift from Ruthann from Hoi An in Veitnam, the jeans from Gap and the hiking boots will now replace the birkenstocks.Hope you all had a happy and more stylish Wednesday.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Well, here it is, my last Wednesday in St Louis.  As per usual, Kazuo and I have ventured out to MOBOT with friends and so I managed a final shot of me and my sunny Wednesday outfits.  This is also one of my favourite pieces of MOBOT garden sculpture and I wanted to have a memorial…

It is so nice to be in a sleeveless top and skirt, but I fear that by this time next week it will be MUCH colder in Scotland, and probably rainy…and since it will be our first day on the ground, not much chance of a posting… However, I can almost guarantee I will be in jeans and hiking boots!

Today I am wearing a top from Nicole Farhi, the skirt is from Noa Noa, and it is also the final Wednesday outing in the ubiquitous Birkenstocks.   Happy Wednesday to you all, see you again soon.

Wardrobe Wednesday

It’s our penultimate week in St Louis and I’ve been cramming in favourite activities, which has given me little time for online reflection again.  This morning we had to take Akira to a medical appointment out west.  So our usual Wednesday visit to MOBOT had to be postponed.  Which meant I kinda forgot about WW and threw on some comfy playing-on-slides-and-playgyms clothes as we dashed out the door.

Then I remembered at the playground, so here I am:

The 3/4 linen trousers are from Topshop, the tank top and cardy are from Zara and the necklace was picked up a few years ago on a boarding school trip to the ClothesShow.  It has cooled down somewhat, enough to spend the days with the air off and the windows open – this morning was cool enough for a cardy which was lovely.  Soon enough I’ll be rugging up completely!

Wardrobe Wednesday

This week has been really eventful and so I have struggled to get to the computer.  So I find myself, on Wednesday evening, musing on things I want to write, and yet posting another of these fun posts in the interim.  Hopefully tomorrow might involve some more reportage/reflections.

Anyway, the day dawned stormy and rainy, which was a real surprise, it has not rained on a Wednesday for weeks.  Kinda nearly scuppered our plans to meet Denise and go to the gardens…but not quite.  So she kindly took a photo of me in my outifit of the day in the Japanese gardens, on the way to feed the koi.

Once again, the mumsy hair and the ubiquitous birkenstocks.  However, I am in my summer-favourite comfy linen pants from Primark (I know, terribly constructed slave-labour trousers, but what’s a poor girl to do? Sometimes live with a little guilt a la Simone White.)  The tank top, from Zara, caused a few awkward modesty moments today, seems all elasticity and support is gone…have to file it under R for Rubbish I fear.  But the crocheted top is one I recently rediscovered in the bottom of my drawers – a treasure from Whistles that I have been waiting (post-baby) to wear.

I am so glad that the storms abated for the morning and that I am not posting a picture of a bedraggled rat.  Happy Wednesday.  Check out the other wardrobes here.

Wardrobe Wednesday

Inspired by Kathleen at Our Big Adventure, I joined in with Clare’s Wardrobe Wednesday.  I gather the idea is a bit of inspiration and a few giggles.  Which is just as well because (a) I am terribly awkward about portraits and (b) most of my clothes are packed for the impending move to Scotland.

However, in another life (ie when I had disposable income) I had a little bit of a love affair with clothes.  NOT that I would ever consider myself any kinda fashionista…in fact I was pretty conservatively utilitarian and mostly restricted myself to Topshop and Zara in the UK.  So, while I’ve not purchased any new clothes since we moved to the USA in 2008, I’ve tried to keep some of my old wardrobe in good order and now that the wee guy is less likely to be bashed or strangled by necklaces, I have begun to air the ‘jewels’ a little more (he seems fascinated by my ‘neckies’). So here was my wardrobe for today:

The skirt is a floaty number I love to wear in the summer, from a boutique in Leeds.  The top is a Topshop staple. The red necklace is a favourite I picked up some years ago in northern Spain and the Murano glass beads were found in the costume room at the boarding school I used to work for, I thought (guilty secret) they were a little too pretty to be bashed about in school plays!  Note well the bronze Birkenstocks.  You will see them a lot in the next few weeks.  Although I am still pretty Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes, in reality I only wear these EVERY DAY now because they are so comfy and who wants to wear heels when half the day involves toting a 15kg toddler (who says ‘carry me peeese’ every few minutes) about the place?   As you can see, I am also sporting the frumpy but functional motherly-hair-tied-back-in-the-heat hairstyle.  That too is unlikely to change in a hurry.

I was in the botanical gardens with the wee guy when I took this shot, and yes, I am awkward as per usual, but I do love the carefree girlishness of my companion!