Home Alone

It has taken me a good week to get enough perspective on this event to be able to muse about it publicly. With the winter weather well and truly set in for the duration (it was -11C last week and -7C today, with ice on the INSIDE of our feeble windows both mornings), we have […]

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Just having one of those days when I realise that I am not too good at contingencies.  It is all or nothing with me… and usually that has stood me in reasonably good stead.  But I realise that the stakes have changed.  And though I do subscribe to the idea that even life’s most painful/challenging/frightening […]

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Some time ago I realised that many of my earlier blog posts were (a) a bit long and (b) a bit rambly… that I should really try and restrict myself to one topic per post.  Since then I have tried.  But some weekends are just too busy and give me too much to think about […]

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