Summer Holidays

This summer has been rather amazingly gorgeous in Scotland. Following a delayed and very cold spring , the uncharacteristically sunny days were a welcome treat. After last year’s gloomy wet non-summer, we felt that the only thing that would make our Scottish existence tenable in future would be to escape somewhere sunny for a week […]

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Olympic Odyssey

Like most of the country, we eagerly anticipated the advent of the London 2012 Olympics.  We managed to secure a few tickets for the odd event, and took an unprecedented ten days off work and other responsibilities to make our own Olympic Odyssey journey south…It was a bit of a whirlwind…and the dust is only […]

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Christmas Recap

And, January disappeared!  Where did it go?  Before the rest of the year escapes me…let me fill in a couple of gaps.  Christmas was a fab festivity.  Finally I get why it becomes all about the kiddoes – Kaz had a marvellous time.  With all of it!  He began by eagerly anticipating the arrival of […]

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Summer Visitors

A Scottish summer… The temperatures have not soared above 20degC very often, in fact they hover around the 15degC mark or below most days.  The Haar has rolled in from the sea on many an afternoon, obliterating any view of the surrounding area from the house.  The growing season is slow and in our experimental first-Fife-foray into […]

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Welcome to A New Year

New Year Happiness everyone!  It seemed that once we hung the decorations on the tree, the holidays simply overwhelmed us.  I am not one for spending too much time online when there is a house full of people…so I have taken a little hiatus.  But here is another wonderful new year full of possibility, so […]

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Holiday Weekend Wanderings

Happy Fourth!  Our last.  For now anyway.  We went to join our friends for a BBQ on the happy day – and a ceremonial reading of THE Declaration ensued.  Beautiful language.  Inspiring document.  Pity it is not as closely adhered to in political reality as it could be… The stickiness  returned this weekend, and made […]

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Holiday Highlights

When I last posted here, I had no idea how much of a toll the month ahead was going to take on me – both physically and emotionally.  We have had a lovely holiday, and I hope you have too – but there have been some definite challenges.  I had anticipated a few dramas as […]

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London Bound

I have had a week off.  Whew!  Largely due to Kazuo coming down with his first big nasty cold, so I’ve had a clingy little guy who isn’t sleeping much (breathing badly and teething at the same time – poor blighter!).  But we have had some lovely days at home just practising all the new […]

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