Wardrobe Wednesday

The forecast here is for snow…though it may take most of the week to eventuate.  So the wee one and I have been watching repeat episodes of Snow is My Favourite and My Best and I have layered up with even more wool this past week.  Claire at Green Valley Crafts says this will be her last WW…I may or may not continue to play, though with all the woolly staying in, there is not too much to see right now!

In any case, here I am – in tweedy wool trousers from Topshop that have weathered many a blizzard, a merino top from Max in NZ and the sweater from H & M that rescued me from unexpectedly grim summer temperatures when on holiday in Scotland several years ago.  The slippers hide two pairs of thermal socks which I think is rather remarkable – they are from a trip to Granada about five years ago and still doing very well.  The sparkly brooch needs a little crafty care I found today, but it just manages to brighten up an otherwise homely SAHM kinda outfit.

Check out the other WW mamas here at Green Valley Crafts.  Happy Wednesday.


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