Thinking of Permanence

Today we began the day discussing (and discarding) yet another potential re-location destination…the whole year is gonna be like this I think, until we finally settle on where we will be in 2011.

My hope is that it will be a place we at least intend to stay in for more than a year or two. Although we will probably not be in a position to secure a permanent home, at least we can have a sense of permanence about the location.

So I have been thinking all day of what I would like to have in our next place.

Annoyingly, I would like all the things we have here now (which will involve a huge container if we do end up doing the trans-Atlantic move we are hoping for) AND the things we have lovingly stored away in Devon, plus a few added extras…

I’ve had a few attempts at gardening with differing rates of success. This was our last attempt – which did become more lush as the summer went on, but it was on a poor patch of ground at the boarding school in York:

I will try again in some way (pots probably) this summer, but I would dearly love space and good enough soil to provide more of our summer vege consumption.

Our friend Helen has an Eglu and I got inspired yesterday reading Design Sponge’s sneak peek at Alethea Morrison’s wonderful home – and I love the pic of her son out in the yard with the chickens… this is how I want Kazuo to grow up!

Finally, although it makes me a little wary, Akira has been hankering after bees…and so I hope we have the time and the place soon to begin the road to making our own honey:

Dreams are free… but one day soon I hope we are somewhere more permanent and can begin to foster our own little oasis.  Until then, I will keep reading Storey Publishing and dreaming of a slightly more rural urban existence.