Wardrobe Wednesday

Okay, I am a day late…but I wanted to take this brief wi-fi opportunity to say…WE MADE IT…and yesterday was a lovely if not sorta crazy day. After a load of travelling and some strange sleeping, we are in Fife and our first day was spent collecting the keys to our house, getting me mobile (lookout world, now I am 24/7 online with the help of a wizzy new HTC android phone – eek) and moving our surplus luggage to the new house.  But a priority was to seek out the sea whenever possible.  Of course the ancient beauty of St Andrews itself is quite beguiling, but I was longing for the coast and Kazuo had never seen the sea, so it was quite the event. As predicted, I spent my first Scottish Wardrobe  Wednesday in jeans and hiking boots, but I guess that is gonna be my new wardrobe for now…until employment ensues.

The light was fading, but the top is merino from Max, the scarf a parting gift from Ruthann from Hoi An in Veitnam, the jeans from Gap and the hiking boots will now replace the birkenstocks.Hope you all had a happy and more stylish Wednesday.