Wardrobe Wednesday

It’s our penultimate week in St Louis and I’ve been cramming in favourite activities, which has given me little time for online reflection again.  This morning we had to take Akira to a medical appointment out west.  So our usual Wednesday visit to MOBOT had to be postponed.  Which meant I kinda forgot about WW and threw on some comfy playing-on-slides-and-playgyms clothes as we dashed out the door.

Then I remembered at the playground, so here I am:

The 3/4 linen trousers are from Topshop, the tank top and cardy are from Zara and the necklace was picked up a few years ago on a boarding school trip to the ClothesShow.  It has cooled down somewhat, enough to spend the days with the air off and the windows open – this morning was cool enough for a cardy which was lovely.  Soon enough I’ll be rugging up completely!


4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday

    1. thanks Clare, so do I, and so does the wee guy…and the very sweet and terribly camp guy at the baby store we went to after the playground…and it never seemed like much at the time. the best kinda finds!

  1. Looking lovely (complete with a nice smile) !! That is one beautiful necklace 🙂

    That looks like a fab playground, all the playgrounds here are rubbish as if there’s anything too nice in a public place the vandals trash it within a day! We got a new slide at the playground a month or so ago, and within one night some !@#$% had set fire to it…grrr!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! The playgrounds here are fairly universally great and I am not sure they will be in St Andrews, so we will miss them and are soaking them up. Sorry about your slide!

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