Wardrobe Wednesday

It seems that this week’s WW theme was a challenge to post an old done-up kinda pic.  So I trawled…and realised that (a) I don’t get dressed up too often, (b) when I have done, no-one has recorded it on camera because it is usually me behind the lense and if I am glammed up then I am out to have a good time – not to record it.  The last time I was properly dressed up was probably in the hand embroidered cocktail dress I had made in Vietnam that I wore at our UK post-wedding party for those who didn’t make it to NZ.  No-one took a single pic of me, and I was buzzing about a bit too much…  There is no remaining photographic record of my sad appearance at my sixth form ball, and I have erased this ghastly memory anyway…  This is therefore the best I can do (and you can see why all remaining pictures of my adolesence have been buried…), it is NOT dressed-up at all, I seem to remember this was pretty much an every day number…though not EVERY day, thank goodness:

I think this was my 18th birthday. I am not sure WHAT face I am doing…and the hair (80’s style) is stupidly huge…but the worst excuse is the Laura Ashley dress.  Why, why, why?  Hmmmmm, will never know.  I have cropped out my poor old Dad as I can’t really ask him now if he’d mind being shown in such bad light.  Anyway, such silliness…hope you have all had a good laugh…Check out the other WW Mamas here.   Happy Wednesday.


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