Wardrobe Wednesday

Last week I logged onto Green Valley Crafts – home of Wardrobe Wednesday – to discover that Clare has introduced weekly themes…and I was way out, but being an English teacher in a former life, I have to admit a penchant for thematic presentations.

This week’s theme was Including something made by Me! And here I am just before we headed out to the car this morning:

The top is from Zara, the cardy an old silk number with lots of girly sequins, from an outlet near York, and the trousers are Topshop…and of course the ubiquitous hiking boots, sorry!

I have to admit that when I began fossicking in the suitcase that is still serving as my chest of drawers until we can find suitable pieces of furniture, I realised that the last time I sewed/made anything for myself it was a stretchy belly skirt when I was pregnant, and it suffered the same body-dysmorphic fate as my other recent sewing efforts.  Seems I always make things too big… So there are no garments made by me in the wardrobe right now, all the sewing and knitting was for the wee guy (much easier).

But I did find this little brooch I made and pinned it on my cardy.

And as soon as I got home from our Dundee shopping outing, I pulled off the hiking boots and here are my feet cosily encased in the cheapy but furry slipper/boots I got when out.  Feeling like a teenager, but OH, so snug!

Check out the other Mamas here at Green Valley Crafts…they are likely to be much more stylishly clad, and more summery too!  Happy Wednesday.


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