Wardrobe Wednesday

Well, here it is, my last Wednesday in St Louis.  As per usual, Kazuo and I have ventured out to MOBOT with friends and so I managed a final shot of me and my sunny Wednesday outfits.  This is also one of my favourite pieces of MOBOT garden sculpture and I wanted to have a memorial…

It is so nice to be in a sleeveless top and skirt, but I fear that by this time next week it will be MUCH colder in Scotland, and probably rainy…and since it will be our first day on the ground, not much chance of a posting… However, I can almost guarantee I will be in jeans and hiking boots!

Today I am wearing a top from Nicole Farhi, the skirt is from Noa Noa, and it is also the final Wednesday outing in the ubiquitous Birkenstocks.   Happy Wednesday to you all, see you again soon.


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday

  1. It brought a few tears to my eyes reading all that Fi!! But so thankful I have been and seen. I know what you will miss, and some of the people you will miss. I hope it’s not long before you are posting news again as I hang out for it!! With much love, Mum X X X

  2. Very pretty indeed 🙂 Good work, giving the sleeveless top one more go before it gets replaced by super warm jackets!

    Best wishes for the shift! Looking forward to hearing your tales from Scotland 🙂

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