Wardrobe Wednesday

Inspired by Kathleen at Our Big Adventure, I joined in with Clare’s Wardrobe Wednesday.  I gather the idea is a bit of inspiration and a few giggles.  Which is just as well because (a) I am terribly awkward about portraits and (b) most of my clothes are packed for the impending move to Scotland.

However, in another life (ie when I had disposable income) I had a little bit of a love affair with clothes.  NOT that I would ever consider myself any kinda fashionista…in fact I was pretty conservatively utilitarian and mostly restricted myself to Topshop and Zara in the UK.  So, while I’ve not purchased any new clothes since we moved to the USA in 2008, I’ve tried to keep some of my old wardrobe in good order and now that the wee guy is less likely to be bashed or strangled by necklaces, I have begun to air the ‘jewels’ a little more (he seems fascinated by my ‘neckies’). So here was my wardrobe for today:

The skirt is a floaty number I love to wear in the summer, from a boutique in Leeds.  The top is a Topshop staple. The red necklace is a favourite I picked up some years ago in northern Spain and the Murano glass beads were found in the costume room at the boarding school I used to work for, I thought (guilty secret) they were a little too pretty to be bashed about in school plays!  Note well the bronze Birkenstocks.  You will see them a lot in the next few weeks.  Although I am still pretty Imelda Marcos when it comes to shoes, in reality I only wear these EVERY DAY now because they are so comfy and who wants to wear heels when half the day involves toting a 15kg toddler (who says ‘carry me peeese’ every few minutes) about the place?   As you can see, I am also sporting the frumpy but functional motherly-hair-tied-back-in-the-heat hairstyle.  That too is unlikely to change in a hurry.

I was in the botanical gardens with the wee guy when I took this shot, and yes, I am awkward as per usual, but I do love the carefree girlishness of my companion!


6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wednesday

    1. Thanks Clare…I do love these community minded ideas. And this just seems like fun, I mean, we all get dressed every day, and mothers have a wardrobe that has to be very practical (and often longwearing…) And yes, it is gonna be hot here for some time!

    1. You should DEFINITELY do this…you are clever enough to have crafted many of your stylish garments yourself, we’d love to see them and you!

  1. Wow, what a beautiful skirt!! I’m glad I inspired you to join in 😉 I love your necklace, too – I’m about to get four (yes, four) of my favourites fixed after Jarvis demolished them when he was a little baby!

    1. Thanks for the fun idea. I have a lovely paua & washed-up-on-the-beach-glass necklace I bought when in Dunedin on our post-wedding holiday that is sitting in pieces on the dresser waiting for me to try and restring…not sure I will get to it…but I SO know what you mean!

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