Start as You Mean to Continue

This may seem like a morbid start to the year, but we took the wee one to St Andrews Cathedral a couple of days ago to let off some steam (read: pursue the enemy alien baddies and use the force to rescue the goodies) and this message captivated me entirely. The topic of mortality is a bit of a […]

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Not Eating Animals So Much…

Seventeen years ago I read this book in conjunction with a community consultation on the issues surrounding World Hunger and what we could/should be doing to make a difference: I am still inspired by Frances Moore Lappe.  She prompted me to refrain from eating meat as a humanitarian choice, not for health or animal rights […]

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New Year

It seems a little silly to be recording my New Year’s Resolutions now, in February… But so far 2010 has kinda caught me by surprise and for a number of reasons, I have gotten off to a very slow start.  So here I am, bearing in mind that it is also the start of a […]

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This past weekend I felt very much like a slow learner.  It seems that babies, crowds, and even the best-laid plans just do not mix.  Perhaps one day I will button down and accept these immutable laws. I had thought we were doing rather well, we NEVER leave the house after 6pm these days, and […]

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Vege Chilli mmmm

Just recently I finally came out the other side of six months of eating to stay awake and felt rather lame that I was still carrying around the post-baby spare tyre that I resolved to rid my self by summer to be ‘bikini-ready’.  Sigh.  But I am not entirely without resolve and will power… so […]

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Into the New Year

Well, I am hoping to make this year one of purposeful productivity, even if it is beginning in a sort of sluggish manner. Of course there is no real accounting for the impact of another person who needs all my attention on this goal… but I think it is time to consider just what I […]

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