May Highlights

It seems that the weekends have flown by this month.   Summer is not really making much of an appearance.  Though from last year, we are not expecting too much!  But we have managed the odd outing, including a trip to the bird reserve with friends (which involved some batman antics on the beach and […]

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Whiling Away the Winter Days

The winter days are lengthening finally.  We no longer leave for work and drive home in the dark.  But there is an icy grip on the land still, and whilst darling little buds are appearing in the garden (pinch me, I have a garden, with buds in it!) we are still cosying up for the […]

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Rice Fritters

Yesterday was another stormy day in St Louis – I do love those thunder storms, the lightning is AMAZING.  It meant that I missed going to the farmer’s market in the morning to stock up the fridge, so there was a dearth of vegetable options for lunch.  Then I realised that I had a bowl […]

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Culmination of Craft Week

The sewing machine and all my craft materials have been taking over the dining room all week, so I thought I better get finished up for a few days so we can clear the clutter.  Also, the holiday weekend has turned into a washout of St Louis-style monsoony thunderstorms, so indoors activities were the order […]

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Rainy Monday

So, after getting up at 5.30am with Kazuo this morning as he decided that was a good time to be awake, I discovered a grim, grey, rainy day that is set to be wet ALL day… how very English, and atypical for St Louis! So we drove Dada to work and then came home to […]

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