Wardrobe Wednesday

This week has been really eventful and so I have struggled to get to the computer.  So I find myself, on Wednesday evening, musing on things I want to write, and yet posting another of these fun posts in the interim.  Hopefully tomorrow might involve some more reportage/reflections.

Anyway, the day dawned stormy and rainy, which was a real surprise, it has not rained on a Wednesday for weeks.  Kinda nearly scuppered our plans to meet Denise and go to the gardens…but not quite.  So she kindly took a photo of me in my outifit of the day in the Japanese gardens, on the way to feed the koi.

Once again, the mumsy hair and the ubiquitous birkenstocks.  However, I am in my summer-favourite comfy linen pants from Primark (I know, terribly constructed slave-labour trousers, but what’s a poor girl to do? Sometimes live with a little guilt a la Simone White.)  The tank top, from Zara, caused a few awkward modesty moments today, seems all elasticity and support is gone…have to file it under R for Rubbish I fear.  But the crocheted top is one I recently rediscovered in the bottom of my drawers – a treasure from Whistles that I have been waiting (post-baby) to wear.

I am so glad that the storms abated for the morning and that I am not posting a picture of a bedraggled rat.  Happy Wednesday.  Check out the other wardrobes here.


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