Wardrobe Wednesday

So I thought I’d make a little more of an effort today, but then I got in such a grump with the light, the cold, and well, oh, just everything today that I nearly gave WW a bit of a miss.  It sorta stopped being fun when it got cold, and I started putting on a winter layer from not getting out much and eating all the time…

Another symphony in brown…I am really an autumnal kinda girl and I do like this time of year…but it does not make for prettiness too often.  The top is the same as last week, a current fav from Zara.  The cardy, another Zara number.  The red flower I got years ago to wear to a wedding in Spain and the tights were from Italy – similar vintage. The necklace was the one I wore on my wedding day and is really paying its way as I do rather love wearing it. The skirt has also made a previous WW appearance and is from Noa Noa.  And finally out of the hiking boots and into some gold ballet flats from Rocket Dog.   I confess I didn’t last long like this, it does have a ‘real feel’ of 1degC out there right now…but I tried!  Check out the other WW mamas on Green Valley Crafts.  Have a happy Wednesday, hope you are a little less scratchy than I!


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