Two Years

Our wee guy is two today.  Two lovely long years of learning (in a very ad hoc manner at times) how to be parents…and watching him go from being a bit rubbish and gurgly and endearing and sometimes a little terrifyingly needy and so so cuddly and incredible to really quite entertaining and capable and still kinda needy but wonderfully affectionate and articulate and hilarious.  All those bones and muscles and neurons and just everything that makes up his unique but also commonly human arrangement of qualities have been constantly rearranging and growing and becoming in quite the most fascinating way.  Of course we all think our kids are amazing and incredible…and the first ones are quite the little preoccupying experiment that keep on providing astonishment…but I have to admit that I am rather smitten still…and loving having this wee person around. Kazuo, we think you are great, happy birthday little one!

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Two Years