Not Eating Animals So Much…

Seventeen years ago I read this book in conjunction with a community consultation on the issues surrounding World Hunger and what we could/should be doing to make a difference: I am still inspired by Frances Moore Lappe.  She prompted me to refrain from eating meat as a humanitarian choice, not for health or animal rights […]

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New Year

It seems a little silly to be recording my New Year’s Resolutions now, in February… But so far 2010 has kinda caught me by surprise and for a number of reasons, I have gotten off to a very slow start.  So here I am, bearing in mind that it is also the start of a […]

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AI Art Auction – Part II

Well, last night was a lovely evening… and somewhat of a success as far as Amnesty is concerned.  Friend and members came out to support the work of Amnesty International, have a drink or two, find out about the Women of Zimbabwe Arise movement and take some art home with them.  We were grateful for […]

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AI Art Auction I

OK, I know I have mentioned this already.  But today is the day of our Amnesty Art Auction.  I am going to the farmer’s market/library/post office, preparing nibbles, getting early dinner and pretty much putting everything in order so that I can escape the house – leaving Dada in charge, for which I am extremely […]

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Amnesty International Art Auction

Last night was Amnesty International night… We discussed final plans for our Silent Art Auction that we are holding in a few weeks.  Since my life still pretty much revolves around Kazuo, I was grateful for the efforts of Helen who has really taken this event on and will be the reason for its success.  […]

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Guatemala and Massacres…

A little glum of me perhaps, but I have been musing about the unspeakable awfulness of massacres for the past week or so. Every time I hear someone tell the tale of a massacre that they have survived, I feel devastated.  And since most massacres usually involve innocents, and oftentimes are largely women and children, […]

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Walking for Congo Women

This time last year I was beginning to drum up support for the St Louis Run for Congo Women.  I managed to encourage several friends to join me, and though I didn’t end up raising much money myself, between us we did contribute something to the cause.  I was 6 months pregnant at the time […]

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