Summer Holidays

This summer has been rather amazingly gorgeous in Scotland. Following a delayed and very cold spring , the uncharacteristically sunny days were a welcome treat. After last year’s gloomy wet non-summer, we felt that the only thing that would make our Scottish existence tenable in future would be to escape somewhere sunny for a week […]

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Aranzi Aronzo

In June our friends Tom and Claire in Manchester sent us (via our visiting friend, Caroline) a wonderful crafty book by Aranzi Aronzo, who are a quirky Japanese/Mexican/Norwegian/Vietnamese/Indian design team.  The book, Baby Stuff: has been tantalising me and inspiring me ever since, and I finally got my act in to gear this week and […]

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Into the New Year

Well, I am hoping to make this year one of purposeful productivity, even if it is beginning in a sort of sluggish manner. Of course there is no real accounting for the impact of another person who needs all my attention on this goal… but I think it is time to consider just what I […]

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