50 Things for 50

A new Decade

This year I am celebrating 50 years of being in the world. I have set myself a challenge of working my way through 50 things to mark this 50th year. They are a mix of things I have done and want to bed down as habits, things I love to do but have seldom made time for recently, things that have been lost in the pandemic and I want to find a way to revive, and new experiences. Many I will do alone – in the interstices of my family life, some I will do with my lovely children, some with friends, some in real life/face-to-face environments and many (owing to the current times we find ourselves in), via online engagement. I have chosen to resurrect this old blog to record my progress. Posts may include lists, reflections or simply an image to show what I have experienced. Hopefully, by February 2022 I will have ticked all the boxes on the list.

the 50 things – categories
  • Creative
  • Communal
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Habitual

You can find the full list here