Keeping Warm

Currently we are snowed in for the fifth day running here at Newbridge House. The doctor drove to work on Monday in our good-for-commuting-but wholly-unsuitable-for-rural-snowfalls Civic and it got stuck in the ice and snow in the drive leaving and returning.  Tuesday he worked from home.  Wednesday he trudged over knee-deep snowy fields to wait […]

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Market Tastes

This past Saturday morning we made our usual foray to the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market.  Such a perfect family activity as the market is on the edge of the lovely fountain and playground area that we love to visit.  Fun for everyone.  While the boys pootled around the play area, I picked up fresh trout […]

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Red Thai Curry

We had a killer curry for dinner last night.  The last time I made such a concoction I nearly died, choking on water I was gulping down to mitigate the fire at  the precise moment that Akira cracked a joke.  I sucked too much water into my lungs, I thought I was drowning (so did […]

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Blueberry Chocolate Cake

It’s snowing outside.  I’ve been inside all day with a cranky little boy who is cutting a molar and not having a very good time of it.  In the fridge were blueberries that I got to tempt Kaz (who seems to cope better with fruit than veges right now) that need eating quicker than he […]

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Smoky Lentil Goodness

Tuesday was a cold sort of day and I felt like a little Autumnal Lentil warmth.  I had in mind to make a French-style puy lentil stew that I made a while back (recipe pending) because I loved the nutty texture of the little hard lentils.  But when I went to the cupboard, all I […]

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AI Art Auction – Part II

Well, last night was a lovely evening… and somewhat of a success as far as Amnesty is concerned.  Friend and members came out to support the work of Amnesty International, have a drink or two, find out about the Women of Zimbabwe Arise movement and take some art home with them.  We were grateful for […]

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Sunday Pieday

Last week I bought some fresh cranberries at the vege market.  This weekend they needed finishing off – though I am already planning all the yummy things I can do with them over the winter, and plan to buy a few more bags this coming week and store some in the freezer… and of course […]

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Autumn Squash Risotto

Tonight we are having our good friends Jon and Julia for dinner and our lovely friend Christine from Leeds is staying with us for the week… it is grim and rainy but a satisfying kinda day as the dinner is ready (just a Thai Curry and Thai Bean cakes… something for another day) and the […]

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