Clothes Swap

What is the best way to round off a wintry weekend at the end of January?  Swapping clothes with a dozen other women of excellent taste! This weekend Julia opened her home and her rumpus room to a Clothes Swap Party.  The idea is simple and sociable.  Invite a group of your friends to come […]

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Things are happening rather fast around here suddenly.  Two weeks ago we celebrated Kazuo’s first birthday, and as I already mentioned, we’d all been rather ill with a gastric flu, so we postponed the party for a week so he could properly recover.  So the actual day was spent just with Mama and Dada and […]

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I Did It!

In case you missed it, (though with such relentless output from me, how could you not notice?),  November was National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) for me.  I joined up a month ago and I pledged to post religiously all month. So I saturated the blogosphere with my inanity. Sorry. A month on, what have I […]

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Knitting Progress

A few weeks ago I met a lovely woman at my new favourite mother-meeting spot – Winslow’s Home, which seems to be a great place to bump into other people who like homely little stores and coffee with their babies.  It was a lovely sunny day, so we were all sitting outside, I was entertaining […]

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Wish List

Well, I don’t consider myself unnaturally materialistic – but then, who does?  Nor have I really spent that much on myself this past year (certainly a lot less than usual) and I don’t actually subscribe to the idea of unncessary acquistion.  In fact, I rather think that the overt commercialisation of the winter holidays massively […]

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Smoky Lentil Goodness

Tuesday was a cold sort of day and I felt like a little Autumnal Lentil warmth.  I had in mind to make a French-style puy lentil stew that I made a while back (recipe pending) because I loved the nutty texture of the little hard lentils.  But when I went to the cupboard, all I […]

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Thanksgiving Gratitude

When I took up the NaBloPoMo challenge this month, I pledged also to try and be a little thankful daily.  This has not been too hard… though perhaps a little twee for those of you who have been reading.  But big or small, there are things each day that force me to look up and […]

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I’ve always been a bit wary of dogs.  Perhaps it was growing up in a non-pet family.  We had the occasional pet like the odd fish and a couple of kittens that came to premature ends due to our suburban life (cars and cats… not a good mix), but never any enduring critters.  Perhaps it […]

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Tom McRae Day

This morning Akira said – ‘You have to blog about Tom McRae’… ‘Why?’  I thought.  He blogs quite nicely himself over on  McRaetheism.   And so he does… but turns out Mr McRae is entering the fray again and trying to promote his music… he is working on a press release. Now, I don’t really have […]

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Other Crafty Ideas

Today has been another one of those – Where Did That Day Go? Sort of days… the kind of day I would not ordinarily blog on…but I am compelled again by NaBloPoMo… and have not the time or the wit to think of something amazing/arcane to share with you of my own volition (though I […]

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