Thanksgiving Gratitude

When I took up the NaBloPoMo challenge this month, I pledged also to try and be a little thankful daily.  This has not been too hard… though perhaps a little twee for those of you who have been reading.  But big or small, there are things each day that force me to look up and feel appreciation for the way things are.

This being a national day of Thanks… I thought it fitting then to do a quick overview of the month so far, in Thanks terms.  So, in November I have been grateful for:

  • Hospitality and friendly dogs.
  • Akira introducing me to the music of Tom McRae
  • Some crafty inspirations
  • An afternoon coffee date
  • Peaceful reading sessions with Kazuo
  • A good turnout at the AI Art Auction
  • Akira being a lovely Dada – and giving me time out to do the AI things I have been keen to do
  • Time to relax with Kazuo and enjoy his developing curiosity
  • The stunning nature television spectacles provided by Sir David Attenborough
  • The luxury of not working – of being able to be with my boy at this stage of his life
  • The sweetness of Apple & Cranberry Pie and Ice Cream
  • No more jokes ahead regarding Kiwis and the 2010 World Cup Finals
  • To have made it to the end of a long week (more than once!)
  • The tenuous/fleeting ability to sing/rock/pat the baby to sleep
  • Helen’s efforts with the AI Art Auction
  • Options in the face of very little contingency planning
  • Joyful family outings with friends
  • Some hospital-appointment free weeks leading up to the holidays
  • Sunny mild weather, an intact husband and the relief of a narrow-miss accident, a sleeping baby
  • Robust health, sunny Sunday afternoons with baking in the oven and a baby sleeping in bed, more Autumn Leaf kicking before the day is done


  • The kindness of friendship.

All this has made me feel more thoughtful and much more grateful for the abundance of a life that at times seems small and unworldly.  There are still a few more days of gratitude ahead… but for now, I give thanks for all that has come before.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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