I Did It!

In case you missed it, (though with such relentless output from me, how could you not notice?),  November was National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) for me.  I joined up a month ago and I pledged to post religiously all month.

So I saturated the blogosphere with my inanity. Sorry.

A month on, what have I learned about me and blogging?

  • Although it was good to have to think daily about recording my various responses to the world about me, and somewhat unifying to take a theme (I – predictably I guess – chose Gratitude), I do think that many of the posts were even more banal than usual.  But then, maybe one or two were better… perhaps I got in the swing a little?  On the whole though, it was a little bit of a reductive process, which suggests to me I’d be no good at being a full-time writer who had to discipline herself daily to commit to generating words.
  • I don’t think that I have time in my daily life to make blogging some kind of ultimate priority.  At times sleep or sanity were sacrificed to getting the post done… and that is not a recipe for sustainability.
  • Although I may not have anything scintillating to say even on a good day, I do prefer to just blog as the whim takes me – much the same way as I write in my personal journals.  That way the pressure to perform is removed and pleasure in the process remains.
  • Sometimes the thought of the blog lurking in the background has reduced my experience of certain events to bloggable-topic style reflections, and this seems a little wrong somehow.

It was a good experiment – and who knows, maybe I might even have made it through the lottery of NaBloPoMo and may even win a prize… but that was not the motivation that kept me going.  As with anything, it was the accepting the challenge and then wanting to carry through.

I am grateful to all who have read my musings so far and especially to those of you who have left comments.  I have developed a habit now (though hopefully not an unhealthy obsession) so I will be back here again soon, though in the next couple of weeks there is a lot going on with our preparation to get to London for the holidays, so it might be a bit of a quiet time.



4 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Thanks so much for putting up with my ‘gotta do my blog’ insistence, esp late last night. Sleep well tonight friend!

  2. It is National Blog Posting Month every month if you feel so inclined. They run a theme every other month. So as long as you log on around the first and post every day, you can say you did it. For whatever that is worth. Once was enough for me though!

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