Wish List

Well, I don’t consider myself unnaturally materialistic – but then, who does?  Nor have I really spent that much on myself this past year (certainly a lot less than usual) and I don’t actually subscribe to the idea of unncessary acquistion.  In fact, I rather think that the overt commercialisation of the winter holidays massively detracts from the spirit of goodwill, festive celebration and charity that I think they should really be all about.

Having said all that, this time of year is still often about giving AND receiving.  I really love a surprise, but I know some members of my extended family like to ask what to get everyone…so this year I put out a few pre-holiday suggestions into the ether.

Then I read a blogpost (which I would love to share with you – but alas, we have had MAJOR computer problems in the past 24hrs and all my links are gone – booo) on the subject of greed/wishlists etc and I thought… well, I don’t think that greed IS a good thing and I don’t need any of these things to turn up in my life in the near future.  In fact, I realised that after nearly a year with Kazuo my priorities have already shifted so considerably that when I think of having even a small amount of disposable cash, I think of things I could get for him, not me.  I am becoming that woman who eeks out her make up and perfumes for years (ugh, kinda unhygenic I know).  But if you pushed me, these are the things that would cause me great delight right now:

  • Some Fabric from Cushla’s (Preferably the Black Ponga and the Large Green Paua).
  • A nice soft white shirt like the longsleeved one in the Zara collections.
  • A sturdy, long shoulder bag, like this one though perhaps in leather if such a thing can be found.
  • A winter scarf in black or dark red, something long I can wrap around, or a pashmina type thing.
  • Some black photo frames for pics of our darling boy.
  • Some unusual cooking ingredients, like Kelp Salt, Sambal Oelek, Seaweeds, Dried Fruits (eg Apricots, Cranberries etc), Plain Organic Dark Chocolate, Kalamata Olives, Rosewater – things one would not ordinarily buy, but might make for some really tasty winter treats.

I guess it is really a reflection of what our lifestyle is like right now and the things that are influencing me.  I am grateful that when I reflected on this list again, I realised that I needed NONE of these things, that I was happy with things as they were…a contented and happy place to be.


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