Clothes Swap

What is the best way to round off a wintry weekend at the end of January?  Swapping clothes with a dozen other women of excellent taste!

This weekend Julia opened her home and her rumpus room to a Clothes Swap Party.  The idea is simple and sociable.  Invite a group of your friends to come over with any surplus clothes they may have, lay them out in a room, spend the afternoon trying on other people’s contributions, make a pile, negotiate over things with people your size…drink wine, eat tasty nibbles, gossip, say ‘that’s cute’ or ‘you look cute in that’ or somesuch, and everyone leaves with a bag of new-to-them fabulousness.  True happiness.

I am totally grateful to Julia for her congenial hostessing.  I am also feeling the joy of having a new wardrobe to contemplate.  I picked up an armload of real gems.  But here is perhaps my favourite number – a skirt that I tried on a year or so ago at G’Sell in the Loop but never had the werewithal to make it mine:

Which I plan to wear in the summer as a dress, cinched with my fav silver belt:

I came home with my loot and Akira looked a little wistful – I am sure that clothes swapping is NOT a gendered activity, we all wear clothes and we all tire of our wardrobe from time to time.  I guess the problem may be that many men tend to wear their clothes  into the ground in a reluctance to shop, so would not have much to offer.  Hmmmmm

Anyway – if you have a few items of clothing in your wardrobe you have not worn in a while and were wondering when you would get to bagging them up and heading for the second hand shop – here is an even more entertaining way of disposing of them.  That way, you have a wonderful afternoon of girly fashion activity, you get to see a roomful of happy ‘shoppers’ and you know your clothes are going to a good home.  Get swapping everyone!


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