Other Crafty Ideas

Today has been another one of those – Where Did That Day Go? Sort of days… the kind of day I would not ordinarily blog on…but I am compelled again by NaBloPoMo… and have not the time or the wit to think of something amazing/arcane to share with you of my own volition (though I never have that… so should stop apologising… it just is what it is, hey?)

Anyway, I worked myself into a bit of a grump this afternoon when the beautiful sun I forfeited at lunchtime because the baby looked too tiredy for a walk disappeared during his nap and was replaced by grey grimness.  So I cheered myself up by scanning through the Handmade Holidays ideas at Sew Mama Sew.  If only I had the time and the resources to engage in even one or two of these delights… but for now, I just peruse and dream.  I was totally taken with the lovely ideas on Lupin’s Bugs and Fishes Blog, starting with this wonderful little scented succulent sachet – a perfect gift:


And then I got looking further, and found this mobile that just might be within my ken after Christmas:

Butterflies have been an integral part of our life this year… so it would be marvelous to have some hanging in the house, probably in the pop’s room… Something to earmark for those dreary winter days, thanks to Lupin!!


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