This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Check out SouleMama for the inspiration.

This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ in the comments for all to find and see.

Check out SouleMama for the inspiration.


Finally, after much debate, we decided that this past weekend was the time for Kazuo’s first haircut.

He had these strangely long curls that hung over his ears and flew in any direction in the wind.  They seemed at odds with much of the rest of his hair.  And there were are couple of long strands on the back of his neck too.  So baby hair needed a little trimming and neatening up.  Here is a before shot…

Much of the debate was centred around the best method for achieving a uniform style.  In the end, I just plopped him in the high chair with some snacks, Akira and our friend Laura for distraction and tackled the stray wisps with my paper cutting snips.  I was a little worried, but did think I might be up to the job, as long as I didn’t cut off one of his ears – eek!  But then I had those little baby curls in my hands…

Finally it was done, and he looks like a proper little boy now.  We cheered and he gave us an impish, pleased with himself little grin back…

I’ve tucked the hair locks away in his box of baby mementoes. It struck me as I was gathering them all up, that two years ago, the cells that formed these little strands were forming INSIDE ME…so mystical and strange at times, that.

Springing Along

Once again we have been struck down.  Sigh.  This is the fourth illness for me in the past three months…too too much if you ask me, but we are bearing up.  This time we all have ghastly, congestive colds that are pretty much slowing us all down, one at a time.  Has kept me off the blog really – no time for gathering thoughts, all my energy has gone into keeping the house afloat.

But the weather continues to improve so yesterday and today Kazuo and I ventured forth to see if we could spot any dogs.  Struck a goldmine both days with friendly dog owners.  Today it was a guy with a hearing dog who was gorgeous – she licked Kaz (captive in the stroller) to bits.

We found some beautiful croci en route to the park…

Kaz had a wonderful time on the climbing gym and the swings…

He strode about in the sun finding his outdoor feet and checking out the lay of the land…

He pushed the stroller to the environment centre…

That was sporting some wonderful winter sweet…

Then he finished toddling and we strollered back home.  Bugs aside, a beautiful outing that confirmed that spring is definitely in the air – whew!

Quick Change

How quickly it all changes…suddenly it is sunny and gorgeous outside and all I want to do is run to the garden centre and start making plans for our summer growing…what little it might be.  But the first priority is to just get outside and play, stumble, fall in the garden and let the wind rustle our hair and the sun kiss our faces.

I took the wee guy to the park again today.  We went on Saturday and it was the happiest day of his life.  So many dogs – so many squealy ‘Ro ro ro’ moments from the pop. Today it was all about the gardens and the things he found on the ground and just strolling about – the perfection of the outdoors.  My heart sings.

Ten Things of Happiness

Ten things that make me happy right now:

1. Kisses – for Flat Bear, for me, for me AND Flat Bear…

2. Climbing into crisply clean sheets on a freshly made bed…

3. China Rose Petal Tea – every day!!

4. The little one getting a move on and loving the playground…

5. The incredible Simone White – esp The Great Imperialist State, even though it really gives me pause…

6. Tiny things in wonderful handspun/dyed wool finally taking shape on my slow needles…

7. Cherished and priviledged memories of some incredible holidays, all over the globe – so what if I lack the usual material goods most people head into their fifth decade with, I feel so enriched by the treasures of these adventures…

8. Thinking about the prospect of summer, knowing it might not be quite this idyllic, but hoping we can make it somewhat special and magical and as outdoors as possible.

9. Crafty plans, esp some of the little projects I have been nutting out from the inspiring Soule Mama’s Handmade Home

10. Sunny days out with my boys…

How about you?  Post and let me know…or share a comment or two…


I am obsessed this week with the amazing leaves in our neighbourhood… can’t get enough of tromping through them when we go out for a walk, totally fascinated with the never-ending clean-up job in people’s yards, utterly intrigued by the big trucks and sucky-blowy machinery that the council uses to collect them from the big piles people swept into the gutters over the last weekend and weirding Kazuo out by propping him up in little piles of them every time I get him out of the stroller in one of the local parks for a swing.  He was not sure what to make of them, I thought.

But today provided a perfect opportunity for him to really explore.  It was an amazingly sunny, unseasonably hot day in the Lou (though we do remember it being this warm at this time last year… briefly and strangely), like summer’s last wheezy, desperate gasp.  After throwing together some of Martha Stewart’s fabulous Cranberry Scones using some fresh Wisconsin cranberries I got at the market yesterday, we loaded the pop and all his paraphenalia into the car and headed across town to Tower Grove Park.  Our friends had gone over earlier for a picnic and secured one of the lovely Victorian Rotundas for the party.  When we joined we discovered some wonderful deep piles of leaves and it seemed a perfect opportunity for Kazuo and his new friend Luca to have a lovely leaf bath.

Kazuo LOVED the leaves… he was as happy as he is in his bedtime bath… and pottered about in the leaves like he’d been there all day.

K & L in the leaves

Not a leaf went in his mouth which was extraordinary, but maybe they just felt good… but not tasty?

It was a gorgeous day, and a wonderful way to really become acquainted with the glorious crunchy marvellousness of leaves.  I am grateful for a joyful family outing with friends – often hard work to get there, but oh so satisfying when it all comes together.

Kaz and Mama


I am inspired at the moment by the thoughts of the everyday wonder of ordinary life, and of trying to make a habit of being a little more thankful.  This was also brought home to me last night as we sat and discussed the Science on Tap event that Akira took our friend Christine to – on the Science of Happiness…  It seems that most people perceive themselves to be happy about 60% of the time – I am not sure really what that means, it seems a little inflated (if you consider that the rest of the time you are either unhappy or neutral… would have thought one would feel neutral a little more often…), but I do think we are lucky to feel so on top of things, and long may that continue.

And I am also very much inspired by the spirit of thanks in Amanda Soule’s recent blogs on the subject of gratitude.  As she says, a little gratitude goes a long way, especially when things are not going too well… though thankfully for us, things are in good shape just now.  Something I am grateful for… what else?

Today I am grateful for pretty robust health for all of us, for sunny Sunday afternoons with baking in the oven a baby sleeping in his bed and the prospect of maybe a little more kicking up the beautiful autumn leaves before the day is done.

Leaves to Kick

I’m also grateful for the kindness of friendship – those persistent friends who have stuck with us through the upheaval of making room in our lives for Kazuo this year and still invite us over/come for dinner/bring us a meal/meet for coffee or just make time to hang out with us and allow for the joyous shouty disruption of our little monkey.



I am thankful to the god of small things for tiny incursions in my life – whether that be babies, butterflies, little tasty treats or ladybirds – small things have given me a lot of joy this year.


I’m also grateful for time, afforded by not having to/being legally able to work right now, to enjoy learning to parent our wee lad and to get as creative as I can to make sense of my time-rich/cash-poor lifestyle as a result.  There is much more… but that is enough to be going along with today… perhaps I will manage to give thanks for something every day in this month of thankfulness… there’s a challenge!