Springing Along

Once again we have been struck down.  Sigh.  This is the fourth illness for me in the past three months…too too much if you ask me, but we are bearing up.  This time we all have ghastly, congestive colds that are pretty much slowing us all down, one at a time.  Has kept me off the blog really – no time for gathering thoughts, all my energy has gone into keeping the house afloat.

But the weather continues to improve so yesterday and today Kazuo and I ventured forth to see if we could spot any dogs.  Struck a goldmine both days with friendly dog owners.  Today it was a guy with a hearing dog who was gorgeous – she licked Kaz (captive in the stroller) to bits.

We found some beautiful croci en route to the park…

Kaz had a wonderful time on the climbing gym and the swings…

He strode about in the sun finding his outdoor feet and checking out the lay of the land…

He pushed the stroller to the environment centre…

That was sporting some wonderful winter sweet…

Then he finished toddling and we strollered back home.  Bugs aside, a beautiful outing that confirmed that spring is definitely in the air – whew!


2 thoughts on “Springing Along

  1. omygosh look at him walking all around the park! Fantastic! Also, I’m enjoying spring vicariously through your pics.. thanks for posting! (still locked in work-or-die mode… hope to resurface soon and hang out!) xoxo

    1. So glad we can be of service and hope you get out before the blossoms (that have yet to materialise) disappear! I do have something I know you need…so will try and see you really soon…though not to interrupt your flow.

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