I am obsessed this week with the amazing leaves in our neighbourhood… can’t get enough of tromping through them when we go out for a walk, totally fascinated with the never-ending clean-up job in people’s yards, utterly intrigued by the big trucks and sucky-blowy machinery that the council uses to collect them from the big piles people swept into the gutters over the last weekend and weirding Kazuo out by propping him up in little piles of them every time I get him out of the stroller in one of the local parks for a swing.  He was not sure what to make of them, I thought.

But today provided a perfect opportunity for him to really explore.  It was an amazingly sunny, unseasonably hot day in the Lou (though we do remember it being this warm at this time last year… briefly and strangely), like summer’s last wheezy, desperate gasp.  After throwing together some of Martha Stewart’s fabulous Cranberry Scones using some fresh Wisconsin cranberries I got at the market yesterday, we loaded the pop and all his paraphenalia into the car and headed across town to Tower Grove Park.  Our friends had gone over earlier for a picnic and secured one of the lovely Victorian Rotundas for the party.  When we joined we discovered some wonderful deep piles of leaves and it seemed a perfect opportunity for Kazuo and his new friend Luca to have a lovely leaf bath.

Kazuo LOVED the leaves… he was as happy as he is in his bedtime bath… and pottered about in the leaves like he’d been there all day.

K & L in the leaves

Not a leaf went in his mouth which was extraordinary, but maybe they just felt good… but not tasty?

It was a gorgeous day, and a wonderful way to really become acquainted with the glorious crunchy marvellousness of leaves.  I am grateful for a joyful family outing with friends – often hard work to get there, but oh so satisfying when it all comes together.

Kaz and Mama


4 thoughts on “Leaves

  1. Hi Fiona (and Kazuo!) – keep enjoying those leaves! Sure sounds like fun. Between countries on this trip we’ve pretty much skipped autumn altogether, and Mom tells me they had the most fabulous autumn ever too

  2. Hello Fiona!
    Leaves are funny! Our gradchildren loved them at our summerhouse last week. I think you have a warmer autumn than we have (5-8 degrees).
    I had a letter from your Mum this week. Nice!
    Have a good time!

  3. Hi Fi – reminds me of playing in the leaves at Queens Park – they had the best trees. I loved it best when the leaves were crunchy. Great photos!

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