Finally, after much debate, we decided that this past weekend was the time for Kazuo’s first haircut.

He had these strangely long curls that hung over his ears and flew in any direction in the wind.  They seemed at odds with much of the rest of his hair.  And there were are couple of long strands on the back of his neck too.  So baby hair needed a little trimming and neatening up.  Here is a before shot…

Much of the debate was centred around the best method for achieving a uniform style.  In the end, I just plopped him in the high chair with some snacks, Akira and our friend Laura for distraction and tackled the stray wisps with my paper cutting snips.  I was a little worried, but did think I might be up to the job, as long as I didn’t cut off one of his ears – eek!  But then I had those little baby curls in my hands…

Finally it was done, and he looks like a proper little boy now.  We cheered and he gave us an impish, pleased with himself little grin back…

I’ve tucked the hair locks away in his box of baby mementoes. It struck me as I was gathering them all up, that two years ago, the cells that formed these little strands were forming INSIDE ME…so mystical and strange at times, that.


3 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Kazuo you are such a cutie. This reminds me of when I cut Lido Ngakau’s hair, but opps, I didn’t think to keep the hair. Loving your mum’s work!

  2. Kazuo says thanks! And I only kept the hair cos my Mum had sellotaped locks from my own first cut into my baby book and I thought it was a cute sentiment…that’s me, old and sentimental!

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