Ten Things of Happiness

Ten things that make me happy right now:

1. Kisses – for Flat Bear, for me, for me AND Flat Bear…

2. Climbing into crisply clean sheets on a freshly made bed…

3. China Rose Petal Tea – every day!!

4. The little one getting a move on and loving the playground…

5. The incredible Simone White – esp The Great Imperialist State, even though it really gives me pause…

6. Tiny things in wonderful handspun/dyed wool finally taking shape on my slow needles…

7. Cherished and priviledged memories of some incredible holidays, all over the globe – so what if I lack the usual material goods most people head into their fifth decade with, I feel so enriched by the treasures of these adventures…

8. Thinking about the prospect of summer, knowing it might not be quite this idyllic, but hoping we can make it somewhat special and magical and as outdoors as possible.

9. Crafty plans, esp some of the little projects I have been nutting out from the inspiring Soule Mama’s Handmade Home

10. Sunny days out with my boys…

How about you?  Post and let me know…or share a comment or two…


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