Vege Chilli mmmm

Just recently I finally came out the other side of six months of eating to stay awake and felt rather lame that I was still carrying around the post-baby spare tyre that I resolved to rid my self by summer to be ‘bikini-ready’.  Sigh.  But I am not entirely without resolve and will power… so thanks to WW, I am on the slow road to a slimmer me.  Not a moment too soon.

Tonight Akira has gone out to watch the penultimate stage of the Tour de France with a couple of friends at the local bike shop, so I made some yummy vege chilli to eat in his absence at dinner.  We’ve eaten a lot of chilli in our house since coming to the US and finding it a bit of a dietary staple. Thankfully I have figured out how to make it so that one portion is roughly 3pts, and then I add a tiny bit of cheese and sour cream and loads of salad and it is a tasty low-cal treat.

No photos tonight… will take one and add it later… but here is the recipe.  Am unlikely to post too many recipes in the near future as cooking has become rather utilitarian in the face of my weight loss resolve.  But here is the chilli, for what it is worth:

Vege Chilli

1 Bag (340g) Vege Mince (I usu use Morningstar)

1 tin (340g) Chilli Beans

1 tin (430g) Fire Roasted Tomatoes

1/2 tin (200g) Whole Kernel Corn

Pasta sauce to taste (usually about 100g)

Lots of lovely chopped veges like mushrooms, green and red capsicums and anything else you fancy.

The mince usually needs to be sauteed, and I pre-saute the chopped veges.  Then I just throw in everything else and let it bubble about for a bit then separate into four portions.  A quick easy dinner for any time of year.


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