Finally Settling on Some Kind of Resolutions…

Ok, so having mused over the mild achievements of 2008… I think I am ready to consider the year ahead… I am not keen on over-stating these goals… it usually results in failed resolutions… I am more inclined to express general intentions. So, that said, this year I hope to:

1. Learn some parenting skills… I think this will happen by default, but I do want to do my best by this new person. It will probably be a bit muddle-through though, I just hope that we can come to some good consensus on the important things.

2. Keep politically engaged and active as much as possible… try and make a difference… look out for oppotunities to use my time well to do this, and not just talk about it.

3. Eat well – be creative in the kitchen, keep the diet healthy and aim for good nutrition for all three of us.

4. Exercise daily – even for just 20 – 30mins (and lose that extra baby weight by the summer).

5. Maintain a conservative and responsible approach to finances. Save!!

6. Learn at least one new skill/craft and apply it practically.

7. Come up with some creative and rewarding ideas for working from home. Try them out! [And maybe formulate some kind of forward thinking about change of career prospects for the near future.]

8. Communicate more regularly, efficiently and effectively with friends and family – esp those abroad.

9. Cultivate a sense of wonder… I think a baby will help with this a lot!

10. Read more… and widely… and intelligently. Use the library. Keep up to date with Google Reader.

11. Find practical ways to give time and energy to others less fortunate than myself – be involved in my local community and in the global community.

12. Keep a calm head, don’t allow pressure to build up, communicate clearly and be kind to those around me.


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