Keeping Warm

Currently we are snowed in for the fifth day running here at Newbridge House.

The doctor drove to work on Monday in our good-for-commuting-but wholly-unsuitable-for-rural-snowfalls Civic and it got stuck in the ice and snow in the drive leaving and returning.  Tuesday he worked from home.  Wednesday he trudged over knee-deep snowy fields to wait for a bus that never came since the Forth Road Bridge was closed for the first time EVER due to snow. Today we are all here…waiting desperately for the gas tanker to come and fill our tank (hopefully in the morning – fingers crossed) and trying to keep warm without central heating or hot showers.

Although there are staples in the the pantry, it is getting a little low.  But we are still managing proper sustenance for now.  And tonight the wonderful people at Ardross Farm Shop will replenish the larder for us.

In an effort to fill our tummies and add extra heat to the house via the oven (old trick from student days, bake something and leave the door open when you are done), I made these ugly-but-tasty numbers:

They are a hybrid of an Alison Holst Pinwheel Scone recipe and my US-favourite scones from Martha Stewart.   I only had wholemeal flour, so here is the recipe:

Winter Emergency Pinwheels

2 C Wholemeal Flour

1 T Baking Powder

65g Cold Unsalted Butter, cubed

3 T Raw Sugar

3/4 C Milk

I chucked it all in the food processor until it formed a loose dough, then rolled it into a ball and then rolled out into a thinnish flat rectangle.  (Not too thin, this is a very crumbly recipe.)


1/4 C Brown Sugar

1 t Cinnamon

25g Cold Unsalted Butter

Chop up in the food processor and add about 1/4C Sultanas once processed.

Spread this mixture over the dough, roll the dough up into a tube, cut into about 6-8 sections, lay each piece on a baking tray and bake in the oven for 12-15mins at 200degC.

We are toasty and warm and full of wholemealy goodness…though the little one did think they were a bit ‘hard Mama’, so perhaps it will be back to ‘muffin-cakes’ tomorrow!


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