Sunday Pieday

Last week I bought some fresh cranberries at the vege market.  This weekend they needed finishing off – though I am already planning all the yummy things I can do with them over the winter, and plan to buy a few more bags this coming week and store some in the freezer… and of course there is Thanksgiving next week which is just crying out for me to concoct some fresh cranberry sauce… but that is for another day.

Today I made Cranberry Apple Lattice Top Pie.  I love a lattice top, it looks inviting with the filling peeping through the lattice, and is so easy to throw together.  I’m no perfectionist, so I was pleased enough with how this pie turned out:

Cranberry Apple Pie

We had a challenging day with Kazuo – perhaps a little too much indoors time?  He was tiredy after not sleeping much in the day yesterday, and although today’s nap was mercifully long, he was still a major grump all afternoon.  You would not guess it looking at him:

Kaz and friends

But we were so grateful for the sweetness of the pie and icecream at the end of a hard day of baby-entertaining.  I had a lovely interlude of post-prandial reading with him – he is really enjoying books at the moment – though still much MORE interested in Dada and the camera it seems:

ReadingSo to the pie… This is a variation on an Apple Crumble Pie recipe in the current issue of Real Simple.  I tried it out just as an Apple Pie a few weeks ago for our friend Bridgid’s practice Thanksgiving dinner, and today I added the cranberries.  I also used the Real Simple no-fuss recipe for home made flaky pastry, though the recipe I used to follow from Alison Holst was also tasty and easy.  And I am sure that store-bought crusts would also make for a suitable pie…

I made my piecrusts yesterday and had them firming up in the fridge overnight.  To save time/because I wanted to catch the berries before they turned, I pre-prepared the fruit and stood it in the ginger/sugar/cinnamon mix overnight, which was really quite handy as it was lovely and sweet and goopy when I came to add it to the pie this afternoon.  My lovely pie dish that I got around Flapjack time came to grief a few days later (NASTY glass explosion all over the kitchen, was REALLY glad that Kazuo was in bed trying to get to sleep at the time!) but I have replaced it and found it a nice safe place to live, so pie dish number two is getting some good outings.

Cranberry Apple Pie

2 Piecrusts (homemade flaky pastry or pre-rolled from the store) fitted into a 9 inch pie dish

2 1/2 lb (about 5 av sized) Apples, peeled, cored and sliced

6oz fresh Cranberries, halved

1T fresh Ginger, minced/diced small

1/4t ground Cinnamon

1/2C Sugar

Set an oven rack in lowest part of oven, set temp to 375degF.

In a large bowl, toss the apples, cranberries, ginger, sugar and cinnamon. (I left this overnight – but usually leaving it to stand while you prepare the crust is adequate.)

Fit one piecrust to the bottom of the dish.  Roll out the second piecrust and slice into ~1″ strips.

Pour the fruit mixture evenly over the piecrust in the dish.  Top the pie by creating a lattice effect (start with a cross in the centre of the pie using two strips, then weave them until all are used up) and pinch round the top of the pie once the lattice is in place.

Cook for ~60mins.  Serve warm or at room temperature – great with vanilla ice cream or frozen yoghurt.  Can be prepared the day before and event and kept at room temp with loose foil covering.

Cranberry Apple Pie


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