What to do with lots of lovely eggs…Bacon and Egg Pie!

Last week I found this lovely little enamel bowl in Twice, a charming little store in St Andrews.  It was just the perfect place to keep all our new-found egg bounty. It also prompted a friendly conversation with another BHWT hen rescuer…they are everywhere!  The hens seem to be laying an average of two eggs between them daily.  This is about twice as many eggs as we are accustomed to eating over the course of a week.  So by the end of the week, the egg bowl was FULL.  Kazuo asked to ‘see the eggs please Mama’ at the end of every meal…and I knew it was time to start using them up.  What better place to start than a Kiwi staple, the Bacon and Egg pie.  Of course, not being a carnivore, I did not have a recipe.  So after trawling the ever-so-helpful interweb,  I discovered a recipe from Blokes Who Bake that was perfect for the ingredients I had on hand.  Here is the (apparently) tasty bacon from Balgove Larder all chopped up on the eggs and ready for topping:

The pie got another sheet of pastry on the top, and here it is ready for 20mins in the oven:

The Blokes who Bake recipe was a little vague on quantity, so here is what I finally ended up with:

Bacon and Egg Pie

2 Sheets of pre-rolled Puff Pasty (Yes, it is nice and easy to make one’s own, but I am in practise-for-working-mother-mode right now)

100g grated cheddar cheese

10 eggs

5 rashers of bacon, lightly cooked (fried in this case) and chopped in to medium sized cubes

liberal application of salt, pepper and dried basil

Lay out the first sheet of pastry in a greased pie dish (I used a small casserole as I am yet to acquire a pie dish!) layer the cheese, then break the eggs to cover the base of the dish (add more eggs if your dish is bigger), add liberal seasonings, top with cooked bacon, lay the second sheet of pastry over the top and pinch it to seal.  Cut some breathing holes on the lid pastry.  Pop into the oven at 200degC for about 20mins (or until crispy and golden).

Hey presto – eggs used, carnivore satiated. Last night the pie was accompanied by smashed Charlotte potatoes with olive oil and lots of seasoning. 


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