Welcome to A New Year

New Year Happiness everyone!  It seemed that once we hung the decorations on the tree, the holidays simply overwhelmed us.  I am not one for spending too much time online when there is a house full of people…so I have taken a little hiatus.  But here is another wonderful new year full of possibility, so it is time to welcome it in and think about the days ahead whilst still basking in the loveliness of the festive days past.

For the first time, Kazuo really grasped the delights of the holiday season.  Presents…cakes…visitors…reindeer…candles…turkey (not that he would actually eat it…)  The constant refrain was:

He was a little bemused by the bounty under the tree (despite the fact that half of our gifts were still in transit and are still slowly dribbling into the house via various slow-poke courier companies) but days later, he still talks about the tree (which is out to pasture) and the stocking and the presents with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Kenji – and of course his favourite things were the smallest, like the electric Thomas the Tank Engine, and the little roll-back bugs from Nana in New Zealand.

After the disruptions of the severe weather we experienced before Christmas, it was lovely to enjoy a festive week with Akira’s family from London.  Kazuo was a little prince who basked in all the attention – this is slowly wearing off right now (and I think the poor tyke is experiencing quite a degree of withdrawal) but it was great to know that he felt safe and relaxed enough to be his usual charming self while they were here.

We had some lovely walks in the snowy fields around Newbridge House and managed to spy deer and hares at very close range.

The rest of the holiday period passed in a relaxed fashion, yet suddenly Akira is back in the department and I am starting to refocus on employment and childcare issues once again.  So there is time yet to feel an easing into the year, but I suppose I shall have some more resolute thinking in the next week or so.

Our next milestone is Kazuo’s second birthday next week.  He is suddenly obsessed with the idea of a party – which involves “friends, a cake with candles, balloons and some presents for you”…so it will be a low-key affair, but it is kinda sweet how much importance this has assumed in his otherwise not-so-social little world.  I am filled with hope that his new-found confidence with welcoming some of his new friends round to the house will help ease the necessary transitions this year.  I am also excited about planning a little celebration of Kazuo, he is daily our delight!

Of course I am always given to resolutions…and this year is no different.  But I am still trying to formulate them…so will share later…I hope that wherever you have seen in 2011, that you are able to see beyond the challenges that this year seems to bring, and look forward in happy anticipation.  Aroha!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to A New Year

  1. I wish I could “like” Akira’s comment! 🙂 Love and best wishes to you all for the new year. Looking forward to seeing you in 2011! XX

  2. Same goes for me!!! Am part of the family but constantly feel too far away and missing all the little stages of growing up for Kazuo – BUT….eternally grateful for our skype sessions now and then and these lovely blogs!! You guys do a great job of “bringing up”!! The photos are my constant delight. Keep them coming.
    Love and hugs, Nana X X X

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