Holiday Weekend Wanderings

Happy Fourth!  Our last.  For now anyway.  We went to join our friends for a BBQ on the happy day – and a ceremonial reading of THE Declaration ensued.  Beautiful language.  Inspiring document.  Pity it is not as closely adhered to in political reality as it could be…

The stickiness  returned this weekend, and made for a bit of unreasonableness and grumpiness at times,  but we got out and about anyway.  Even though the hard-working one had to go into the Lab on the in-lieu holiday day. Saturday afternoon we braved the soaring temps and repeated our previous summer’s stroll around McKinley Wood in the southwest corner of Forest Park.

We were looking for the  tree-within-the-tree that the Osage Indians held dear, but took a wrong turn at some point.  There was a lot of stopping and examining the ground.

And some happy strolling with Mama and Dada.

Also some watching boats cruise along the waterways of the park.

And some sitting by the stream and having a little refreshment.  Perfect!

The next morning we had this weird  mesolithic-style playground all to ourselves.  It sorta failed the playground test I think – few too many dangers, horrid gravel surface, no shade.  No wonder it was empty.  What possessed them to build such an intensive and inappropriate space?  Pity really, the idea is good…execution pretty poor.  But we had thought it worth a look for our park-obsessed mini-man.

Well, it was in the middle of the lovely Queeny Park where we did the Run (Walk) for Congo Women a couple of years ago.  So we abandoned the play area and went for another walk.

Shady, pretty and easy walking for the wee guy.  An encounter with an exceedingly friendly dog made his day.  And we were happy to just be out and about with him.  Happiness for Holiday Weekends.  Hope you had a pleasant long weekend too!


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