Walking for Congo Women

This time last year I was beginning to drum up support for the St Louis Run for Congo Women.  I managed to encourage several friends to join me, and though I didn’t end up raising much money myself, between us we did contribute something to the cause.  I was 6 months pregnant at the time (that lovely energetic second trimester) and so the walk was all I could manage… this year, with Kazuo in the stroller, I think I will still stick with the 5km sponsored walk, running is still a little beyond me.  (Well, let’s be honest here… I have never really run anywhere if I could get there just as safely by walking!)

So I hope that some more friends will join the cause and get out their running/walking shoes to support the women of the Congo… whenever I think of the challenges of their lives, I feel so soft and pampered.  Today is a good day to be remembering them – Kaz is going through something this week, and has woken me up almost hourly some nights… and between 4-5am for the day almost all week.  Ugh… I feel run over by a truck when I sit down or get out of bed in the mornings… but this too will pass, and in the meantime, I am here in the comfort and safety of my little paradise and with nary a real care to speak of.

I do hope that something massive and amazing happens to change the plight of women and children in the Congo… and other desparate war-torn areas of the world.  In the meantime, we will do what little we can to raise the focus of their situation, and to contribute in some small way… it does little to lighten the load I know, but it does divert my ego-centric attention.

Here we are post-run/walk in 2008.  It was a beautiful, crisp St Louis morning and an amazing experience to join in solidarity with so many to celebrate the tenacity of the women in the Congo.  I will post details soon of how to support our 2009 efforts.

Run for Congo Women Group


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