Amnesty International Art Auction

Last night was Amnesty International night… We discussed final plans for our Silent Art Auction that we are holding in a few weeks.  Since my life still pretty much revolves around Kazuo, I was grateful for the efforts of Helen who has really taken this event on and will be the reason for its success.  But I am hoping to see friends turn out to view/purchase art, find out more about Amnesty and have a lovely social outing.  Here are a sneak preview of some of the art that is on offer:

Jovan Hansman

Jovan Hansman

Tania Chackumkal

Tania Chackumkal

The event will be at SqWires restaurant in Lafayette Square, St Louis on Thursday 19 November.  If you are in the Lou and can make it, please join us!  The work of Amnesty is so important, I hope we manage to both promote the work, and raise some much-needed funds to help further protect Human Rights wherever they are at risk.  It would be great to see you there.


2 thoughts on “Amnesty International Art Auction

  1. I have just spent an absorbing hour finally reading your blog, and catching up on the last year of your life… like.. wow! I am staggered…. And interested… and feel like I just had a lovely (if rather one-sided) chat with my old friend. Why didn’t I figure out to read this sooner? You did warn me you didn’t really do email anymore, and now I see why! I would love to ring you for a chat. When is a good time? Maybe reply to my email address… Much love to both your big and little boy (who is staggeringly cute I must say. Easily the cutest child in Northern Hemisphere, James have taken the Southern Hemisphere title obviously…)

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