Plant a Tree

Since reading The Overstory a couple of years ago, I have been haunted by the interconnectedness of trees, and the way humans have failed to value their essential contribution to the ecosystem we all share. This past weekend Possible hosted a live ‘At-home tree planting weekend‘ event. I joined in, and planted a little Elder in my garden. I’m hoping it will thrive and eventually produce some flowers for cordial and/or berries for other deliciousness. Possible have some wonderful inspiring community tree planting projects on their website – we all need more trees around us, they will be a big part of the solution to the climate crisis. So plant some trees, protect some around you that are under threat, and be kind to the ones that are thriving in your community.

Update: During the early summer, this part of the garden went mad, overgrown with grasses, and I thought I had lost the baby Elder. Then some helpful gardners came and helped with the overgrowth and it re-emerged. By the middle of August, it had doubled in size and I have hopes for its overwintering.


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