Macmillan Quiz Night

We’re into the seventh week of our second stay-safe-stay-home Covid-19 lockdown in Scotland. The borders and non-essential shops and services closed before Christmas and the children have been in homeschool again for five weeks. It’s been a long story…for another day perhaps…but Friday I celebrated my 50th birthday and began my 50 things challenge.

I have been working online and using a range of virtual settings for work, meetings and catching up with friends and family since last March. And although our Unit have
hosted a wide variety of very successful online events and gatherings, which have been great, and I have attended online performance events that have given us access to arts programming that I am otherwise very much missing, I am late to the online party…and was feeling a bit apprehensive. But I let my 40th slide past quietly as we had just arrived in Fife and didn’t have any friends or family around, and this year I wanted to gather the love of friends and family around as this social connection is missing from our lives after so many months of living in our quiet safe bubbles.

So I gathered together a geographically dispersed crowd on Friday evening and hosted a Quiz for the UK Macmillan Cancer Charity. In the current situation, so many people are waiting longer than usual for cancer treatment and support and Macmillan is an
organisation that is making such a difference in people’s lives.

In this one happy gathering I ticked off the first two of my 50 things: Raise money for charity and Host a Quiz.

Thanks everyone, for helping me to kick-start this year of celebration and for helping to make a difference in the world. It was great to see you all and I hope to see more of you in the coming months.


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