In The Countryside…

Now that we have been here a few weeks we are finally settling in.  Though it is still a pretty quiet affair in that Kazuo and I spend most of each day here at Newbridge while Akira slogs away at the University, and not too much of our days necessitate human contact with other adults…so we are a little bereft of friends.  But I have to keep reminding myself that it took time in St Louis too…and it is likely to take longer here as our circumstances are less fluid.

Here is a little snapshot of our week in the Autumn countryside, it is particularly idyllic just now, and we are loving the gathering gloom and the sunnier days…

So even though it is quiet…it is all still so new and old and fabulous…so we are keeping occupied and while we are still terribly towny about it all, life is good here in the countryside!


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