Beach Learnin’

They say every day is a school day…and so it used to be for me…now I am seeing more and more that it certainly is for our wee guy.  Each day he seems to delight in a new idea, a new word, a new turn of phrase (today – ‘that’s more like it’) or a new activity…sometimes all those things almost simultaneously.

Last weekend we explored the marvellous paradise that is Tentsmuir Forest and it made me feel, like so much of this place makes me feel, that we were in New Zealand again.  In fact, it is strikingly like Rabbit Island in Nelson, where we had our wedding photos taken.  Today, we returned.  It was still frosty around the edges of the mossy dunes when we trudged across to the beach, and before long our fingers were icy cold.  But that did not stop the little guy revelling in making sandcastles.

This was his first time.  In typical toddler fashion, the most joy was found in destruction.

But he was keen to help Dada construct more…and more…and more.

And the sea did some great destruction too.

Giggly joy was had in the backpack as we strolled along the sands, though we are yet to make it out to the headland to find the seals.  But we did see flocks of migrating birds overhead.

We finished the morning off at the brand new Balgove Larder stocking up on a little more farmy goodness and sampling their smoked haddock fishcakes and sausage casserole.  Mmmmmm.


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