Saying a Fond Farewell

This leave taking has been going on an awful long time really…and is kinda taking it’s toll,  both Kazuo and I are fighting off our own special little bugs, and we are all fairly tiredy.  But in the interstices, we are still feeling very grateful for all the loveliness (much of it joyously unexpected) of our time here.

The moving men came and took away all this ‘stuff’ and they were amazing.

Though as Akira remarked, the fact that even heavily tattooed men from East St Louis (Illinois) were a little freaked out by our neighbourhood rather confirms our suspicions about the salubriousness of our environment, and I guess it is one aspect of our life here we will not mourn for too long!

I sold the car – our fabulously reliable and trusty Honda – a week earlier than originally hoped, but the relief of the sale carried me through the weekend when I finally bailed out of the overly-ambitious project of trying to have a yard sale in our slightly freaky neighbourhood…

We took a final family outing to MOBOT (though Kaz and I will still go back tomorrow…can’t stay away!) which involved some lovely fake food moments and visit to the equally fake dinosaurs (or ‘dinos’) in the climatron – AND spied an out-of-water crayfish near the waterlily ponds, he was a little on the defensive, poor creature.

Instead of sitting in our ‘yard’ all Sunday morning, we took another family trip to the zoo (yes, I thought last week was our last…) with the lovely Julia.  Kazuo was very happy in the little dugout canoe by the Hippo enclosure.

One of the great triumphs of the weekend was convincing Kazuo that he loved watching Curious George and other video delights on the netbook with his own little noise-limiting baby headphones.  For a wee guy who grabs ANYTHING off his head after less than a few seconds, this was quite an achievement.  This will be especially important in keeping our now busy and restless little guy from begging to be ‘downdowndown’ or to go ‘o’side’ at every opportunity during next week’s trans-Atlantic flights. Whew!

So the week is progressing nicely, the house is pretty clear and empty and we mostly have takers for the few things that are left.  Kazuo and I are doing a few last friendly outings while Akira finishes off at work and on the weekend we move out.

We will be saying the fondest of farewells to our friends and to the lovely landscape of St Louis this coming weekend…hopefully sometime in the next week or so I will be able to report our safe arrival across the pond and thus begins a whole new episode of our lives…


2 thoughts on “Saying a Fond Farewell

    1. Oh my, we miss you too…though since we have to leave, it is a cheering thought knowing you are somewhere great, and enticing, since we love the idea of an excuse to visit the West! And our time here would have been only half as friendly without you…happiness!

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