Packing Up and Packing It In

This last weekend was a holiday again.  And for once, Akira took Labor Day off work.  Of course we spent most of our Kazuo-free hours packing up for the shipping day, which is tomorrow (arrrgh…are we ready? it is gonna be a long night I think).  But during our family times, we got out and about as much as possible.

The weekend began on Saturday morning with Kazuo picking up some of the packing boxes and toting them about the apartment.  He is totally fascinated by all the ‘stuff’ that keeps accumulating in the barricaded kitchen.  I’ve tried explaining that some things are going on a ship tomorrow, some things are going with us in the plane and some are staying here and other people will have them.  He seemed to really try hard to work that out, but although he knows the difference between a ship and a plane, I am certain not much of it sank into his inquiring little mind.

We took our usual trip to Tower Grove Market to pick up meat and other fresh produce.  Kazuo avoided the pool/fountain as per usual, but had a lovely play in the playground.  And for once, all his little friends converged on the same spot, which I think was a bit overwhelming for him, but nice for us!

Since the local outdoor pool closed this weekend, we took one last dip with Kaz.  It was a little too cool to stay for long, but was well worth the entry fee to hear Kazuo say ‘nice’ when he waded into the toddler pool.  It has taken all summer…but he is finally somewhat accustomed to being in some water.  I am resolved to maintain his pool experiences over the winter in Scotland if at all possible.

The next morning we headed out for a final family outing to the zoo.  We rode the railway, took in the performing sealions, saw the penguins, puffins, gorillas, birds, giraffes and strolled around in a perfect autumnal St Louis morning.

We began Monday morning in the most beautiful place.  Castlewood Sate Park is only a half hour drive from our house, but for some reason we had never all been there.  Two weekend river excursions in a row really cemented the little guy’s delight in tossing rocks in the water and pottering about in the water.  Then we tossed him in the backpack and hiked up to a beautiful plateau where we had a stunning view of the Meramac Valley.  We descended to river level alongside the old concrete steps that the Edwardians had used for their accessing their mountain top party venues.  It was fascinating to catch glimpses of the steps in the woods and imagine the partygoers in their finery ascending the same hillside.

Our lovely weekend was topped off by a holiday picnic in Forest Park, not far from where we lunched for Mother’s Day.  The Finn Barios joined us and the boys and Harvey doggie had a fabulous time pootling about in the dusky light alongside the little creek.

So many happy hours to reflect on later…now we are finishing the final flourishes on our gathering of ‘stuff’ and hoping that the rest of the move goes like clockwork.  Hope to catch you soon, but the PC is going on the ship tomorrow, so it will be all little stubby fingers on the netbook, and looking out for Wifi access over the next few weeks…Haere Ra for now!


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