Lunch is usually consumed while the little guy naps.  If I am prepping lunch for him and dinner for us, then it needs to be assembled and disposed of fairly quickly.  Being a creature of habit, I can pretty much eat the same thing every day for weeks.  In winter it is usually a low-cal minestrone-style soup that I make at the start of the week and eat a little of each day.  In the summer, if I am not making zuchini pie to share with the little guy, I am a sucker for hummus.  I used to make my own, but lately I’ve not been eating enough to warrant the huge quantities I need to make in my enormous food processor (in a future life I will have a little person-sized one of these…) So for now, I am enjoying the plain organic hummus from Trader Joe’s.  I usually just put a slather of it on something like a Ryvita or a bagel or a slice of toast and then top it with sliced cucumber and tomato, sprinkle of salt and hey presto, lunch:

But this last week, I have departed a little from the standard lunch fare.  On recommendation from a few friends-in-the-know (including this great review), we finally ventured south to the recently opened  Salume Beddu.  They have been running a stall in the Tower Grove Market for some time, but have also set up a charming little shop on South Hampton.  Although we ostensibly went there for the carnivore – their speciality is high quality meats that they cure on the premises – I came away with an amazing vegetarian bounty too.  The service was very personal – rather like a good wine tasting.  So the meat-eater went away totally charmed and very satisfied.  He had some reportedly delicious fennel-spiced salami, and a freebie portion of some delectable coppa. 

I carried home some wonderful mostada – a chutney that made a delicious dessert with some goat’s cheese and little croccantini crackers.  And the dish that has revolutionised my weekly lunches was a tasty caponata that I have been layering on top of the hummus.  It was especially nice with some homemade sourdough I made at the end of last week.

What do you have for lunch?


One thought on “Lunch

  1. well, also being a creature of habit…. quite often – coleslaw, salmon, beetroot, pickles and some crusketts and marmite!!! And today I had vitawheats with ham, marmite and avocado – yumm, followed by a WW cereal bar and an apple! But winter also means soups on the weekends and I just made a huge pot of pumpkin and red lentil soup for freezing for the weekend lunches or an evening meal.
    Hmmm, not as interesting as your lunches Fi but still nice. Just loved the above photos – and I get a thrill out of knowing roughly where you have been or are going. The Magic House sounds great and I’d have loved to have seen Kaz playing there. The bisons must have been amazing – we nearly went there didn’t we! Never mind, I have some lovely memories too and glad to have been to St Louis to see where you lived.

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