Rainy Monday

So, after getting up at 5.30am with Kazuo this morning as he decided that was a good time to be awake, I discovered a grim, grey, rainy day that is set to be wet ALL day… how very English, and atypical for St Louis! So we drove Dada to work and then came home to think of some ways to pass the time.

What better way than to concoct some hearty minestrone-style soup? I say ‘minestrone-style’ as I usually just make this up as I go based on what is in the cupboard/vege bin.
Kaz in The Kitchen

So my little helper took up his vantage point in the bouncy seat (nearly too too big for this now!) and managed to keep his equilibrium until the last ingredient had been added and I could leave the soup to simmer for a while.

I have to admit to making use of a few canned shortcuts in this soup:

Soup ShortcutsAnd today I used some Vegan Vegetable Boullion Cubes that were really a bit too salty.  But it is something I can whip up quickly, and last for a week’s lunch breaks.

I used a few brightly coloured veges from the fridge:

VegesAnd started by sauteeing all but the broccoli to soften them up, then added some mixed herbs:

SauteeAnd then I threw in all the canned goods (though only used half the can of corn) and the vege boullion and a handful of pasta for a little texture:

Add the Canned StuffThen I left it all to simmer for about 15 – 20mins, checking now and then to make sure that there was still enough liquid.  We managed to have some tummy time and a bottle before it was done.  And then I gobbled up some for lunch once Kazuo was in bed.  Mmmmm…. just what was required on a rainy afternoon.


Rainy Monday Soup

Feeds 1 Person 5-6 times…

1 14-15oz  can each of Pinto Beans & Chopped Tomatoes

1 6oz can of Lge Olives

1 7oz can Whole Corn

2C Vege Stock/Boullion

1/2C Dried Pasta

Chopped Fresh Veges to taste:  Today I used 5 lge Button Mushrooms, 1/4 Red Pepper, 1 sm Head of Broccoli, 2 stalks of Celery, 3/4 med Courgette, 1 med Carrot.



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