A theme has arisen in our house.  It seems that we have become rather obsessed with Monkeys.  When I first met Akira he was toting about notes from a Psychologist called Richard Byrne, from a book called The Thinking Ape and primates have become part of our vernacular since then.  So it was not surprising that we re-christened our boy Kazuo-Monkey (also more affectionately known as The Pop) quite early in the piece, and now we are seeing the little critters everywhere.

One early acquisition was this little guy, from our friend Marilia, and he has been a hit in the teething department:


There was the recent trip to the zoo where Kazuo slept most of the walk, but perked up when we got to the Chimpanzee enclosure, and I know that they occupy a hinterland between Monkey and Human (more closely resembling our DNA apparently) but it was rather engaging to see his interest in these primal creatures.  This was made more fascinating when our friend Julia related the interesting fact that human babies are able to distinguish individual differences in the facial characteristics of chimpanzees in a way that becomes lost to us as we age.

At Halloween, an unconscious choice to dress Kazuo in the only costume we had that fitted (courtesy of our friend Denise’s incredible charity shop foraging skills) led to him spending his first costumed holiday in – yes – a Monkey costume:


This week I finished this little painting I had been working on for his bedroom.  I hesitated to post this as I have been horribly derivative of someone I tripped over on Etsy some months back, and have not bookmarked… the internet, so inspiring, so helpful to those (like myself) with only limited creative impulses… but I do feel rather bad that I cheapskated by making my own sock monkey picture and not supporting an honest, handmade artist.  However, our resources are limited too and I did want to provide a little more decoration for the nursery – it hangs over the changing table, and Kazuo is mesmerised still by the Monkeys.  So, to whoever you are, I am sorry I don’t have one of your lovely paintings, but I am grateful to you for a cute idea:

Sock Monkeys



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