We had Laura and Mateo over for dinner tonight… always a pleasure.  As usual, the conversation roamed everywhere…and by the end of the night we were searching for large neolithic chalk sculptures on t’internet.  Of course, the main object of curiosity is always this fellow, the Cerne Abbas giant, and he is rather spectacular:

Cerne Abbas Giant

But we found this site that listed the 10 most incredible giant hillside sculptures and I was pleased to note that I have seen quite a few of them, since I lived in Wiltshire and Yorkshire in my years in the UK.  I have also just heard from my friend Val, with whom I worked for several years in York, and she and her husband have just retired to the village of Uffington, where the most majestic horse provides a great destination for her husband’s daily run.

I was disappointed with the nastiness of the Homer Simpson at Cerne… surely they can let that grow over now?

But it made me feel grateful for the many and varied opportunities that living in the UK provided to engage at close range with the abiding ancient nature of humanity, and often in a very natural setting.


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